Monday, December 24, 2012

Uprooted Music Revue's 15 Favorite Books of 2012

One of the things that already tops my list of "things I miss most about living in Brooklyn" is the reading time during my daily commute. So until moving to Portland this past August, the NYC subway (MTA) is where I have absorbed most of my reading material since I moved there in 2004. Burying my face in a book on the subway was not only a great way to wake up in the morning on my way to work, but it also served as the ideal method of mellowing out on my way home. 

As I was tallying this list of my favorite reads of 2012, it occurred to me that I have actually read most of these selections since abandoning my underground "reading cars" for the the greener and much more drivable Pacific Northwest. I'm thinking that since I have managed to continue reading at such a steady clip since leaving the subways behind, it is time for me to officially declare a new reading space for myself in my new home! So with this lifestyle shift in mind, I believe that it is now time to finally get serious on hunting down a brown leather recliner (I have seriously been dreaming about getting one for years) and then digging into one of the many books already on deck for 2013! 

Uprooted Music Revue's Favorite Books of 2012
(in no particular order)

Satan Is Real: The Ballad of The Louvin Brothers
by Charlie Louvin with Benjamin Whitmer

Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy
Edited by Alan Licht
(Faber and Faber)

by Peter Ames Carlin

How Music Works
by David Byrne 

Blind But Now I See: The Biography of Music Legend Doc Watson
(Expanded 2nd Edition)
by Dr. Kent Gustavson

A Woman Like Me
by Bettye LaVette and David Ritz
(Blue Rider Press)

Imagine: How Creativity Works
by Jonah Lehrer
(Canongate Books)

Ryan Adams: Losering, A Story of Whiskeytown
by David Menconi
(University of Texas Press)
UMR's interview with David Menconi

The Southern Journey of Alan Lomax: Words, Photographs, and Music
by Alan Lomax, Tom Piazza, William Ferris
(N.W. Norton & Company)

Woody's Road: Woody Guthrie's Letters Home, Drawings, 
Photos, and Other Unburied Treasures
by Mary Jo Guthrie, Guy Logsdon, and David Amran
(Paradigm Publishers)

Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die
by Willie Nelson
(William Morrow)

Calling Me Home: Gram Parsons and the Roots of Country Rock
by Bob Kealing
(University Press of Florida)
UMR's interview with Bob Kealing

This Land Is Your Land:
Woody Guthrie and the Journey of an American Folk Song
by Robert Santelli
(Running Press)

Waging Heavy Peace
by Neil Young 
(Blue Rider Press)

Pete Seeger: In His Own Words
by Pete Seeger
Edited by Rob and Sam Rosenthal
(Paradigm Publishers)

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