Monday, December 23, 2013

Uprooted Music Revue's Favorite Audio Releases of 2013

Before we get to the rundown of Uprooted Music Revue's yearly "best-of" list, first, let me say that this has been a year filled with excitement, reflection, and ultimately, some new beginnings for me. Early on in the year things were heading towards some unforeseen and unpredictably exciting places.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Introducing Portland, OR-Based Songwriter and Guitarist Marisa Anderson

Marisa Anderson is a Portland, OR-based songwriter and guitarist who explores the complex fabrics of American folk, blues, and country. At 19 she left college to walk across the country (and in her words, "didn't stop for 19 years"). Marisa was a founding member of The Dolly Ranchers, before embarking on her own solo career. Her solo debut, Holiday Motel, was an Outmusic nominee for Best Female Debut Recording, and in 2011 she released The Golden Hour, her debut for the Mississippi Records label. Her latest album is called Mercury.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Robbie Fulks Spins His Tale Of "Gone Away Backward"

Robbie Fulks is a prolific artist that continues to be praised and respected by indie-classic-country fans with each new release he drops. His discography, although rooted in sharp-tongued wit and infectious classic country tendencies, almost always transcends expectations by even his most devoted fans, never mind the neat and tidy genre-classifiable record bins.

For his latest album, Gone Away Backward, Robbie Fulks put together a simplified lineup to help him cut through any excess to efficiently and effectively convey the folkie (not folky) feel of the new songs. I am very excited to be dusting this feature off (that was originally set to post earlier this year) and be able to share it with you now. Better late than never, right!